Professionalism is our #1 priority here at Pit-bulls Breeder. It is very important for the customer and seller to be on the same page when conducting business with each other. Making sure we don’t have any miscommunication is by having us and the client both sign a bill of sales contract. We also have all of our dogs come with a health certificate, health guarantee, health records, shot records and brochures. We started this community out of pure love for the Pit-bull and American bully breeds, we have been breeding since 2006 and have gained lots of experiences over the years, seen the biggest need that no one else was providing a well trained pit-bull or american bully with the tools and knowledge from the breeder on how to properly train, handle, and most of all keep you and your family safe

We breed and raise registered Pit-bull and American bully dogs here at our farm. We have American bully and American pit-bull puppies for sale throughout each year. We have shown great credibility to our clients in the past and have build an invincible reputation with our clients within USA and Canada at large. The main focus point of our breeding program is to raised a family friendly pit-bull or american bully that is trained specifically for our clients needs. We keep the whole buying process very simple for you and your family but most of all we are the most professional people you will ever buy a dog from

We have one of the best training systems ever designed for pit-bulls in the world. We have trained many dogs with our most popular training package called the 21 training commands. We teach your dog to do all the commands while using vocal commands and also with hand gestures. These programs were specifically designed for your pit-bull to not only fit in around your house and family. We want your dog to enjoy, obey and love you and your family.


What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our main priority is to produce high quality, healthy, registered Pit-bull and American Bully puppies with sound temperament and amazing conformation. We only sell superior Pit bulls and American Bully from excellent bloodlines such as (Razors Edge, Gotti, Gottiline, King Kong,) ETC , with the correct physique, conformation, and temperament. We have spent endless hours choosing the right bloodlines and our dogs prove it. Our females are very high quality and are breed exclusively with excellent  pedigrees and proven track records to maximize the potential for solid conformation and breed standards.



We discovered that even with today’s mobile society traveling to get a puppy and meet their parents is hard to swing, so we offer shipping to our costumers when call for. Shipping is by ground or flight which will be done by a pet delivery company, the average delivery time is approximately within 24 – 48 hours depending on the shipping/delivery location

Once you give us the word that you’re ready to move forward, we jump into action and immediately begin booking flights, drivers, and veterinary or USDA appointments for you if needed. Each decision is made with your puppy’s safety in mind, and we only work with trusted airlines and agents.
We book your puppy’s flight on a pet friendly airline. Not all airlines have the same dedication to pet safety, so we spend the time to research and make an educated choice for our clients.We also do monitor your pet’s journey to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We’ll provide you with tracking tools and updates from time to time and should anything unexpected occur, such as a weather delay, we shall be there to build a contingency plan and make sure your pet stays safe and comfortable while new logistics are sorted out. Always  ask for our help when you need it, recognize you don’t know what you don’t know, and remember that professional assistance is available to oversee your puppy’s move.

Spay & Neuter Health Benefits


Spayed animals no longer feel the need to roam to look for a mate. The result is that they stay home and have less chance of being involved in traumatic accidents such as being hit by a car. They also have a much lower incidence of contracting contagious diseases and get into fewer fights.

In males, neutering decreases the chances of developing prostatic disease and hernias and eliminates the chances of developing testicular cancer. It also reduces problems with territorial and sexual aggression, inappropriate urination (spraying) and other undesirable male behaviors.

In Females, spaying decreases the incidence of breast cancer (the rate goes down to almost zero if the spaying is done before the first heat cycle!). It eliminates the chance of developing a serious and potentially fatal infection of the uterus experienced by many mature unspayed animals (pyometra). Spay surgery also eliminates the heat cycle and associated mood swings and undesirable behaviors, messy spotting (in dogs) and the attraction of all available males to your yard.

Spaying & Neutering Facts


  • Help lower the euthanasia rate by decreasing the number of unwanted animals.

  • Improve your pet’s health and life expectancy. Sterilized pets lead healthier, happier, and longer lives. It also reduces the risk of them getting various forms of cancer.

  • Irresponsible breeding contributes to the problem of dog and bites attacks. Fewer dogs, fewer attacks. Simple, right?

  • Males are less aggressive and will not actively seek out mates, thus decreasing the likelihood of your pet to wander off.

  • A cleaner house! Female dogs pass bloody fluid twice a year as part of their estrous cycle. No more carpet cleaning on account of that!